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Jen Keller

Born in Paderborn, but raised in Berlin, Jen is a proud German lady who has strived all her life to break into the world of tech. With her ability to learn fast, and write well, she has taken to copywriting and ghostwriting for the industry very quickly. Her specialization is in home-based technology, where she has hands-on experience in many areas. Her hope for the blog is to inform and spread good information, to help save people time and make life generally easier.

Zarya Kuzmina

Zarya may have lived her whole life in Moscow, but she has been a friend to Jen for a long time, and when it came time to launch a site for helping people she was the ideal person to turn to. Her expertise is twofold, with experience in the mobile phone world mirrored by her freelance work as a web developer, she agreed to help with this site. While Jen is the public face, Zarya is the one keeping things running and working behind the scenes.

About The Site

Berlin Moscow, so named for the homes of both the people working on this, is named for the purpose of unity, of showing how two locations can be unified towards one goal. In this instance, the goal is to help educate people on the latest tech they can get their hands on, to improve their lives and help the public make informed decisions. There is so much information about technology of all sorts out there, and it can be confusing to navigate. This is why having a resource you can rely on is important.

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