Graduation Gifts: Laptop Desk and WFH Essentials

Now that you have graduated, it’s time to start getting ready for the next big step: finding a job. With all of the job applications you’ll be filling out, a computer desk is necessary. While you’re at it, add a reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the workday and a portable phone charger to keep you connected. You frequently get busy and forget to eat when you’ve been working for a while. In these cases, a travel snack pack can help you stay nourished while you’re on the go.

Laptop Desk

A personalized laptop desk might be just the ticket if you’re looking for the perfect graduation gift. Give the student in your life a quality laptop desk, and they’ll be the envy of their class. These desks are sturdy, durable, and personalized with their name, monogram, or favorite design. So, whether they’re graduating from college, high school, or middle school, they’ll never forget this graduation gift from you.

Benefits of Laptop Desk

Laptop desks can be very beneficial when sitting for long periods of time. If your laptop sits on your bed or in your living room, it can quickly become uncomfortable and damaging to your health. A laptop desk will elevate your laptop, allowing you to experience a more comfortable and productive posture.

Laptops are amazing for at-home work since they allow you to multitask and work anywhere you have an internet connection. Unfortunately, this also means that many of us spend hours typing on laptops, and sitting in uncomfortable positions, which can lead to back problems, neck pain, and general discomfort. Laptop desks are the perfect way to combat this. It allows you to position your laptop ergonomically, which can help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome, ease neck pain, and keep you from straining yourself while sitting all day. Not to mention you’ll be able to be more productive too.

Graduating college is a big accomplishment, and no matter what job or career you choose, it’s an amazing accomplishment for many students. You can congratulate your child on their accomplishments and graduation gifts, like stationery or graduation announcements, are perfect for the occasion. From pens to notebooks, stationery makes a great graduation gift that your child can use for notes, calendars, and more.

Here Are the WFH Essentials 

LARQ Bottle PureVis

If you’re graduating this year, you’ve probably already graduated your mind. But don’t worry, you’re not quite there yet. You want that final push to convince your college-bound son or daughter that WFH is worth the sacrifice. And what better way than by getting them a LARQ bottle? Not only does the LARQ bottle help encourage kids to drink more water, but it also helps encourage them to stay hydrated at work.

Keychain K2

Looking for graduation gifts? WFH Insiders, keychain K2, takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your keys! This key tracker is engineered so your keys can map anywhere in the world. Use keychain K2’s geofencing feature to set your key tracker to track your keys when they are within walking distance of your phone.

Anker 10-port hub

That’s exactly why Anker’s 10-Port Hub is the perfect graduation gift! This compact hub allows you to keep your home office organized and your cables out of the way, all while never interrupting your workflow.

Jabra Elite 85t

Whether your grad is heading off to college, graduate school, or simply living a freelance life, the Jabra Elite 85t wireless headset can give them the competitive edge they need to stay motivated and productive.


Graduation is a time to reflect on the past year of hard work, study, and accomplishment. It’s also a time to take stock of how far you’ve come and where you want to go next. A travel card is the perfect graduation gift because it’s essential yet portable, and it allows you to go where you want to go.

When graduation season rolls around, parents typically need to step up their game to buy gifts for their children. And while social pressure may pressure parents to buy yet another gift that their child will hardly use, it’s possible to buy instead something that will be useful and potentially lifelong. Laptops have been the go-to gift in recent years, and while they are cool, they can certainly get pricey. Instead, consider a laptop desk that will allow your child to do their schoolwork comfortably just about anywhere in the house.

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